LARB Quarterly, no. 36: Are you content?

Type: Back Issue
Price: $18.00


Featured Writers & Poets: Open Mike Eagle, Paul Thompson, Kali Tambreé, Kenneth R. Rosen, Daisy Hildyard, Michelle Chihara, Thao Thai, Lauren Collee, Rosa Boshier González, Karen Cheung, Helya Salarvand, Hervé Guibert, Kate Durbin, Max Lawton, Vi Khi Nao, Brian Whitener, Elaine Kahn, Maya Martinez, Ama Codjoe, and Devon Walker-Figueroa

Featured Artists: Bernadette Mayer, Tishan Hsu, Laura Aguilar, Kearra Amaya Gopee, and more… 



Dear Subscriber:

Here, as promised: 144 pages — Husky Smooth Book White (both the 50- and 80-pound variety) — trimmed to 6.8 by 9 inches, creased, and PUR Perfectbound, unpacked and packed again, bulk-shipped media-mail to your mailbox or to a retail location from where they will soon be refunded at our expense and destroyed as per the affidavit agreement. Essays, stories, poems, letters, art, and art writing acquired and edited and sold against advertising. Some also appear online, although we can assure you that they are not the only pieces available online.

The rights and permissions process is labyrinthine and honestly quite dull; if (when!) you post photos of our content, please tag us, the writers, your friends, their friends, your teachers, your students, your enemies. You know — do what feels right.

We would also like to remind you that we are always grateful for submissions. On page 117 you will find a PO Box address to which you can send your most closely guarded regrets, your fears, the notes from your analyst. We will make of it what we will.



The Editors